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Re: Mailing Lists

> I'm a little embarrassed - but can someone help me with Dan Simoes' e-mail
> address?  a friend in Hong Kong wants to subscribe but (as a computer
> illiterate) he can't figure out how to get majordomo to respond - and i haven't
> been able to help him.

A simple note to majordomo with the text 'help' in the body will
give you all the info you need.  I noticed an approve request
this morning - this is when you try to subscribe an address other 
than your own.  I'll approve it shortly.
> p.s.  note to group:  we **want** this guy in here.  i can't let you know who
> he is or what he does (that'll be his choice), but there is a clue in the text
> above...

The more the merrier.  Can he get us parts at wholesale cost? :) 

| Dan |
Dan Simoes			          dans@ans.net
Advanced Network & Services	         (914) 789-5378
100 Clearbrook Road  			Elmsford, NY 10523