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Re: Emissions...%-{

>After calling a couple of shops and then finally the vechicle emissions
>testing bureau, I have been told that I cannot "tube-out" the middle muffler.
>By changing the system to eliminate back-pressure, they would be actually
>*increasing* the emissions output even tho it may still be an acceptable level.
>This is in violation of the Clean Air Act and makes the shop subject to a
>$2,500 fine.
>The question is, then, are performance exhaust systems even legal now?  This
>would say NO if you want to drive it on the road here in the Milwaukee
>metro/south-east Wi area.
>Sounds like a long nite with my friend the hack-saw...   ;-)

Now don't you feel like a criminal for even considering this.  Its a good thing 
those guv'mint regulators were doing their job or we'd all be branded
toxic polluters. - yeah I know, this sarcasm will eat me up.  But I have to 
that the US auto manufacturers would love nothing more than to see the after-
market shops closed up.  I guess they figure if you want more horsepower
you should have bought the deluxe model.  And the politicians just go along 
with this drivel in the name of saving the world (sorry, I meant planet)

Forget Mr Hacksaw and get Mr Sawzall.  :-)

jim h