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Re: Emissions...%-{

In a previous message,jim healey writes:
>Now don't you feel like a criminal for even considering this.  Its a good thing

No.  I'm just amazed that it's happening at all!

>those guv'mint regulators were doing their job or we'd all be branded
>toxic polluters. - yeah I know, this sarcasm will eat me up.  But I have to 
>that the US auto manufacturers would love nothing more than to see the after-
>market shops closed up.  I guess they figure if you want more horsepower
>you should have bought the deluxe model.  And the politicians just go along 
>with this drivel in the name of saving the world (sorry, I meant planet)

The politicians mean well...but somewhere, somebody made a coupla bucks by
adding the phrase "modifications which make the system other than stock are
illegal" so repair shops get more $$$.  Technically, then , it would be
illegal to use a lower rated octane than recommended by the mfr, right?
Wouldn't the gas station be allowing you to generate more emissions by using a
lower grade gas?  Arrggg...sorry...I'm getting a little carried away.

>Forget Mr Hacksaw and get Mr Sawzall.  :-)


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