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Re: Emissions...%-{

	I think you are not allowed to make changes that may 
affect the emmisions.  Even if you passed the emmisions test,
you are still in violation.  I agree it doesn't make sense,
but when did that ever stop them!

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	I think you could make an engine with very low emmisions
without all the emmision control add ons, just fully vaporize 
the fuel before it gets in the combustion chamber.  Your gas
stove at home has very low emmisions, nearly the same could and
has been done in an engine.  The problem is it would be much
more efficient and the oil companies and US Gov. would lose
lots of money.  I would be happy to discuss it offline.  One
question:  How much of the gasoline going into the engine
actually contributes to the engine?  Anyone have a real
answer, not a guess?

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