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Re: Emissions...%-{

John Greenstreet <jgreenst@motown.ge.com> writes:
>What do you think fuel injectors do?  A properly functioning one
>atomizes the fuel so it looks like a puff of smoke.
	Atomized fuel is very small drops of liquid fuel, not vapor.
Because they are so small they have lots of surface area and will
evaporate into vapors, which can be burned.  The problem is that they 
do not have much time to evaporate.  If they vaporized completely
you wouldn't need a catalytic converter.

>No way you're getting off that easily!  So it's all big oil
>is it?  Well then why does my massive S-class Mercedes get
>better mileage than my 1972 VW bug ever did and accelerate
>to 60 mph in half the time, while weighing twice as much.
>I would think those evil oil companies would have prohibited
>this increase in efficiency in order to protect their profits!
	How many gallons of gas are used in the world by S-Class
Mercedes?  Even if it got 200 mpg, I don't think world oil
production would have to change much.

>It's comforting to know that someone out there still believes in
>the 100-mpg carb. myth!  Say, did I tell you about my episode
>getting a Neiman-Marcus cookie recipe?  :^)
	I am glad you feel comfortable and I hope it lasts for a 
couple of days.  BTW, I'll trade my green golf ball joke for your
Neiman-Marcus cookie recipe. 

>How could you be sure that the poster was not a secret agent working
>for BIG oil or the Government?  Indeed, many of us are!  <evil laugh>
	See, I was right, they are everywhere! :))