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Re: '95 Quattro Wagon Info please -Reply

	FWIW, I have a 1987 T-Bird and had an '85 4000 Quattro.  The Quattro
felt much better(more solid and quieter) at 150,000 miles than the T-Bird
at 45,000 miles.  I now have a '90 V8 Quattro and the T-Bird isn't even in the
same class.  I am sure the new Tauri are better than an '87 T-Bird, but also the
Audis have been greatly improved since 1985.  I really like the low noise level,
the T-Bird used to seem quiet, but now it seem loud.  It's great to be able to
carry on a normal conversation cruising along at 80 mph.

	Signed "A former Ford lover."