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Re: Emissions...%-{

Chris writes >
> After calling a couple of shops and then finally the vechicle emissions
> testing bureau, I have been told that I cannot "tube-out" the middle muffler.
> By changing the system to eliminate back-pressure, they would be actually
> *increasing* the emissions output even tho it may still be an acceptable level.
> This is in violation of the Clean Air Act and makes the shop subject to a
> $2,500 fine.

I had no idea they were that NAZI in Wisconsin.  In Minnesota, they want
to see that the cat-can is still there (they use a mirror), they want to
make sure you can't get a leaded fuel nozzle in the filler (they use a
wooden go/no-go stick), and that the car passes an idle sniff.

I had the center muffler on my '87 Syncro replaced with a pipe.  My
mechanic easily tuned it much better than specs.  He got over 17% oxygen
out of it.  CO and NOx reading were very low.
> The question is, then, are performance exhaust systems even legal now?  This
> would say NO if you want to drive it on the road here in the Milwaukee
> metro/south-east Wi area.

Drive west until you find a shop not too intimidated to work on your car.