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Re: Mailing Lists

Eric T. Sylvain posted:

  Since there has been a fair number of requests about mailing lists,
 here is something I got from the "miata" mailing list.  I don't claim that
 it is up to date, but it's a start...

  -Eric Sylvain

Some of this is indeed out of date.  Anything with "Dixie" in it is dead,
I think.

Here is what happeed to the two "dixies" Eric listed:

Z-cars (Nissan/Datsun)
    (Contact: z-car-request@dixie.com (John De Armond)
    was shut down before 7-27-94)

new stuff:

submissions go to z-car@cs.princeton.edu  
administered by Stefanos Damianaki (snd@cs.princeton.edu)

    Purpose:The Z-car mailing list operates for the benefit of those
    interested in Datsun/Nissan Z cars.  The interest base is
    primarily for the original Z, though all discussion regarding the
    Z line of cars is welcome.

Hot Rods
administered by Frank Perdicaro (frank@rebel.dsea.com)
postings to hotrod@dsea.com
    Purpose: The mailing list hotrod@dsea.com is chartered to provide
    a forum for people interested in high performance vehicles to
    exchange ideas and discuss topics of current interest.  This list
    is chartered as broadly as possible consistent with noise suppression.
    Explicitly acceptable is any discussion regarding increasing the
    performance of any vehicle with more than three wheels.

There are probably more, but I don't have time to correct it all.

I imagine the majority of it is correct.  Thanks for posting!