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Re: '95 Quattro Wagon Info please

>>  There are no
>> tune-up adjustments required or necessary; there's no distributor,
>> cap, rotor, or airflow potentiometer to replace, and no valves to
>> adjust! 

>I dont quite understand - no distributor and associated
>components sounds fine to me, but how come there are no
>valves to adjust ? I thought that the only engines without
>valves were the Direct Injection diesels. Please enlighten
>me if i'm way off the mark.

The car still has valves, but they are no longer installed to allow you to
 make adjustments.  These new improved valves serve several different purposes:
   1. They allow the hydraulic pressure of the oil to adjust them,
  2.  They allow costly repairs in about 0.0000056% of the cars,
  3.  The sometimes allow air to get in and out of the engine, and
  4. They increase manufacturing (and thus, showroom) costs.

The valves in the tires, air conditioning, etc. are unchanged.  
As before, no adjustment is necessary.

BTW, just be sure that  you don't try driving one of these cars when there
is no fuel in the tank.  You will almost certainly fry the valves (thanks,
James Thurber)

Is it Friday yet?

Trying to be funny -
Jason Douglas