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Re: '95 Quattro Wagon Info please

> With improving technology, this should be less and less of a factor.
> Consider that the new Audis don't require coolant changes or chassis
> lubrication, and oil change intervals have been extended. There are no
> tune-up adjustments required or necessary; there's no distributor,
> cap, rotor, or airflow potentiometer to replace, and no valves to
> adjust!  And the first 3 years/50K of maintenance are included, even
> brakes and wiper blades!  That's pretty hard to beat with any car.

John (Greenstreet),

I dont quite understand - no distributor and associated
components sounds fine to me, but how come there are no
valves to adjust ? I thought that the only engines without
valves were the Direct Injection diesels. Please enlighten
me if i'm way off the mark.