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Heater problem

Greetings !

The heater on my 85 5000S is kaput.
The car is equipped with that infernal
climate control gizmo (is this standard
on 5000S' ?), and while the AC works,
there is simply no hot air if the temp. 
i set is higher than the temp inside
the car.

If i'm not mistaken, the heater is
run off the hot water (alright, coolant)
circulating in the engine block, isnt it ?
Is there some way that the hot water supply 
to the heater could be blocked ?

I checked the Haynes manual (OK,OK, its
just that i cant afford a Bentley yet)
and it doesnt seem to say anything at
all about the heater. 

I'll probably get a quote from the 
dealer today, but in the meantime,
any ideas.. ?

If this is a DIY job, i could save
my friendly neighbourhood mechanic the 
trouble :-)


P.S : anyone out there got the Bentleys
      cheap (perhaps you sold your old
      5000 ) ?