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Re (2): '95 Quattro Wagon Info please

I thought it may be helpful to look at the recent (last 4 years)
evolution of the Audi model range in the US.

Correction of any errors in the following table will be appreciated.

But first, harking back to the 1991 90 20valve versus 1994 Sport 90
performance discussion, here are some magazine numbers for the

    Car & Driver July 1991
    (from 7 car comparison test)
    Audi 90 Quattro 20valve
    0-60     8.2
    0-100   25.4
    1/4     16.3

                            Audi Model Range

    1991                1993                Today               1996??
    ----                ----                ----                ----

    Audi 80             --                  --                  --
    (I5 10valve)

    Audi 80Q            --                  --                  --
    (I5 10vlave)

    Audi 90             Audi 90C & CS       Audi 90 Sport       Audi A4
    (I5 10valve)        (V6)                (V6)                (V6)
    Audi 90Q            Audi 90CSQ          Audi 90 SportQ      Audi A4Q
    (I5 20valve)        (V6)                (V6)                (V6)
    Audi CoupeQ         --D                 --A                 --MN
    (I5 20valve)

    Audi 100            Audi 100C & CS      Audi A6             Audi A6
    (I5 10valve)        (V6)                (V6)                (V6)

    Audi 100Q           Audi 100CSQ         Audi A6Q            Audi A6Q
    (I5 10valve)        (V6)                (V6)                (V6)

    --                  Audi 100Q Wagon     Audi A6Q Wagon      Audi A6Q Wagon
                        (V6)                (V6)                (V6)

    Audi 200            --                  --                  --
    (I5 20valve Turbo)

    Audi 200Q           Audi S4             Audi S6             Audi S6
    (I5 20valve Turbo)  (I5 20valve Turbo)  (I5 20valve Turbo)  (V6 30valve)
    Audi 200Q Wagon     --                  --                  --
    (I5 20valve Turbo)

    Audi V8Q            --                  --                  Audi A8
    (V8)                                                        (V8)

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