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Re: John Ewald Audi S4 questions

 Eliot Lim says:
> 92 S4:	regular wood interior trim, CFC a/c, trip computer w/ boost gauge
> 93 S4:  carbon fiber trim, non-CFC a/c, no trip computer
> 94 S4:  moon roof, walnut burr trim, non-CFC a/c, no trip computer
> 95 S6:  external cosmetic changes, no changes to the interior i don't 
> 	think.  $3K price reduction.. :)

I think that it is a $7k reduction isn't it?
>From around $50K to around $43K.  At least that is what I think
I read in the press.
Also, bear in mind that in many cases the dealers were discounting
the old $50K price fairly heavily, so a $3K change would not be
all that significant.

Now, how can I persuade my wife that we DO have $43K to spare :-)

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