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Re: John Ewald Audi S4 questions

On Wed, 9 Nov 1994 cpalmer@dingo.webo.dg.com wrote:

> I think that it is a $7k reduction isn't it?
> From around $50K to around $43K.  

the much publicised $7K reduction is for the 100Q, which was
insanely priced to begin with. 

the s6 was said to have a 3K drop, but i am seeing indications that audi
have not finalised the price yet, because the dealer showed me their audi
"internal" brochures (not for customer eyes) with the new pricing for the
new lineup.  i saw prices for everything except the s6. i get the
suspicion that they are making last minute changes to the price and
perhaps equipment level.

the other thing is that part of the price reductions will come from the
markup, so MSRP will be closer to invoice.  those of us who are skilled
arm twisters will not get as far as before.. :)

audi sent me a new brochure and JD power clipping.  the new s6 doesn't
look as good as the s4 to my eyes.. they are using the alloys found
on the lesser cars.. no picture as to whether they've reinstalled
the trip computer.

the JPD report looks real good but quite honestly i never paid much
attention to them.  apparently audis are extremely reliable in
the long term over the other brands.

i am however encouraged by the new management's efforts to move cars
rather than price itself to extinction.  bravo!!