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Re: 4000csq maint


> From: Jon Blake <jonb@u.washington.edu>
> I have a maintenance question on my '86 4000csq. It just went over the 
> 100K miles mark. Runs fine, no oil consumption, etc. My question is 

ah its still young, our 84 is nearing 200kmiles and just started
burning a little oil..

> should I consider changing the transaxel fluid? Dealer of course says 

Yes, go with a good synthetic like redline...

> Second question: same car, how long can I expect the clutch to last. 

Ours puked finally at about 180k miles...

when I asked people on this net last year most had never done
a clutch on thier 4000q, but the group was smaller back then.

btw, I had a shop do it for lack of time, it was $700.  Apparently its more
labor intensive to R&R a clutch on a AWD then on a 2wd.

Carl DeSousa