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RE: 4000csq maint

>> From: quattro-owner
>> To: quattro
>> Subject: 4000csq maint
>> Date: Friday, November 04, 1994 1:39PM
>> I have a maintenance question on my '86 4000csq. It just went over the
>> 100K miles mark. Runs fine, no oil consumption, etc. My question is
>> should I consider changing the transaxel fluid? Dealer of course says
>> it's lifetime fluid. But, as I have religiously changed both oil and
>> filter every 3K miles I have a hard time believing tranny fluid doesn't
>> need some attention after 100K miles. What's the net opinion? And if
>> recommended what does everyone advise - Redline?

Never changed mine yet in 171,000 miles on '82 4000S.

>> Second question: same car, how long can I expect the clutch to last.
>> Drive briskly, but easy on clutch, e.g. don't hold on hills, double
>> clutch on downshifting (left over from by T series MG days I guess). I
>> know this is a hard one to estimate, but go  ahead please and take a 

My clutch has never been replaced yet.