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Re: Boston Auto Show/Audi Comments

On 7 Nov 1994 drobbins@wellfleet.com wrote:

> Audi 90 vs. Audi 90 Sport:  The sport model is slightly more expensive.  It
> comes with a different suspension, wheels AND the gauges at the bottom of the
> center console (this was mentioned by someone a couple of weeks ago - they're
> only "missing" on the base 90.

On the 1994 Audi 90 Sport Quattro that I looked at the 3 gauges were absent.
Maybe they're back for 95.

Another thing I noticed was that on the 94 model there was no longer
speakers in the rear deck, instead they were on the rear doors, maybe
this was to save on trunk space.

> The rear spoiler on the 90 is now a dealer-installed option ONLY.

I heard the same thing, I wonder why this is happening?  I also was told
that the sport models were only coming in Red, Black, and Silver, maybe
this is just for Canada.