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Sport 90 vs. Jetta GLX

I just got back from my local VW dealer.  I sat in a 95 Jetta GLX
(with the VR6) engine, and thought it was a very fine car.  The MSRP
price was $30100 (Canadian $).  This price is somewhat lower then a
Audi 90 Sport (fwd) and has a few things the Audi 90 doesnt:

* More recently redesigned sheetmetal (94 I think) vs the 90's
  sheetmetal from 89 or 90?
* glass sunroof (with screen/shade)
* a better 0-60 time (7.7 sec)
* lower profile tires (205/50 15")
* height adjustable steering wheel
* 2 additional speakers (8 total) w. Cd-changer controls built in
* massive trunk space (550 L) I dont really care about this
* trip computer (The 90 used to have this) + brake wear indicator
* selective door locking feature
* some nice exterior features:
  - darkened rear tailight lenses, headlights
  - striking BBS wheels
  - roof mounted whip antenna
* of course the lower price

The Audi benefits:
* extremely high quality construction and finish
* very quiet engine
* better warranty
* exclusivity

Dont get me wrong I love Audis, could someone please let me know
what things the sport 90 holds as a benefit over the Jetta GLX.
Both cars to me seem very similar.

Thanks all,

85 5000 S