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Re: Fools rush in .....

> Subject: Re: Fools rush in .....


> To everyone with the ZF pump, 
> (the one that LEAKS sooner or later )


> I used a rebuild kit from PAP, the one for $14.95 which
> included bearings.


> to get some long term data, like months, before I can claim
> success. I will keep my fingers crossed.
> ( It wasn't the $179, but the challenge that made me do it. 
> My wife thought I was crazy, after the project dragged on I
> began to agree with her. I know she will be taking a wait and see
> attitude, and will avoid driving the Quattro until it has built  
> up a track record. So little faith ... I wonder why ?).

No Comment....:-)

> Alan ( keeps opening the hood to check ... ) Cordeiro.

I'm very interested to hear the full story, because .......
you guessed it my pump leaks too.....not much, about 4 drops
a night.  My Pentosin lasts about a year.  But the mess on the 
engine and cardboard is really bugging the crap out of me :-(  
for 14.95 I'd love to fix it, but if I make it worse.... :-( 
it's 179....... to fix it.  Versus 25.- bucks a year, and oily
cardboard on the floor.....

Keep us posted on your experiment :-)

Mike (Hoping it works....) L.