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Re: Fools rush in .....

[excerpted from Alan (keep opening hood) Cordiero]

>It took a lot of work to get the pulley flange off, but the real
>DOOZIEs were those cap-like ports with the "X" slots on them. I had
>a slow leak from one of them so I HAD to replace all the O-rings.

>Alan ( keeps opening the hood to check ... ) Cordeiro.
HI Alan.
I have the same leaking 'X' screws. I hope your repair works. Could you
tell me what type of tool you fashioned to fit the 'X' slots( 2 half
dollars welded together?) and what were the parts that did not fit quite
Right now my leak is slow enough to not be life-threatening.

Ernest Wong
email: esw5@cornell.edu