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Audi US Rally history

Hi Bart and all,

I don't know much about the rally history that Buffum/Audi has had in the US 
as I never followed it back then. If any one has compiled this rally 
history, I would love to take a look and/or hear about it. If anyone has 
articles or information about  Audi US rallying or the early 80s Pikes Peak 
effort, I will gladly pay for copies.

I recently called Libra Racing, Buffums race shop, and his book "In like a 
lamb, Out like a lion" is still available from them. This should contain 
some good history from that era. Just send a check for $22  along with you 
name and address to

Libra Racing
60 Oak Circle
Colchester, VT  05446

BTW, they also have the large "Audi quattro" windshield decals available, 
these are also $22 and available from the address above.

I also asked them what they will be doing with the Rally S2s since they will 
be running elantras next year and the response was " We've only got one and 
its staying right here". Also the 1990 TQC rally car that was advertised a 
few months ago was sold to someone in VT and is being rallied.

Dave Lawson  dlawson@ball.com