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Re: John Ewald Audi S4 questions

I've also wondered what the model year differences are, so heres a few 
tidbits I have heard,

>92 S4:  regular wood interior trim, CFC a/c, trip computer w/ boost gauge,
has rear sway bar

>93 S4:  carbon fiber trim, non-CFC a/c, no trip computer,
no rear sway bar

>94 S4:  moon roof, walnut burr trim, non-CFC a/c, no trip computer
>95 S6:  external cosmetic changes, no changes to the interior i don't
        think.  $3K price reduction.. :)


The numbers mentioned a few years ago, in the 92/93 time frame, said that 
only 250 will be imported to the US each year, not sure what the real 
numbers are though.

The S4 colors I have seen are black, pearl white, red, ragusa green, 
(another) green and silver. The interiors seen are ecru(white/beige) and 
black leather. I heard from the owner of a 93 black/black leather S4 that 
there are only 93 cars in the US with this exterior/interior color 
combination in this model year. I also think the cars were available with 
either 15 in or 16 in wheels.

I'm sure others can add more detail here.
Dave Lawson  dlawson@ball.com