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In the Nov issue of VW/Audi CAR magazine...

Hi all,

As Scott has mentioned there are a number of interesting articles in the 
latest issue of the mag, a review/history of the sport quattro, an 
Ur-quattro(TQC) buyers guide, an article on a company who is cutting 12 in 
from the body on ur-quattros and coupes and converting them to semi sport 
quattros, an article on an 85/86 titan red mettalic ur-quattro with color 
photos, an advertisement where a dealer is rebuilding ur-quattros with the 
engine pumped up to 2.5 liters/300hp, alignment specs for the ur-quattro, a 
series I golf GTI buyers guide and a comparison between the audi 80 sport 
and an 80 quattro. Great reading. If your a VW or Audi enthusiast, this is a 
pretty good magazine to get.

I have recently started to see the magazine at the local new shop, so it 
seems that it is starting to be imported here into the US. Or you could get 
a subscription as Scott has mentioned and detailed.

Dave Lawson  dlawson@ball.com