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re: Re: Volkswagen Audi CAR magazine and Germany trip


I called Volkswagen Audi Car magazine recently with info from Dave Lawson 
and they faxed me their address, phone, fax number etc and subscription 
rates. If you want to order directly from the UK here is the info. As Dave 
mentioned previously there is also a UK club called Club Audi which is 
associated with the magazine.

Volkswagen Audi Car
AutoMetrix Publications,
Market Chambers,
High St. Toddingtion,
Dunstable Bedfordshire
Telephone: (525) 874019
Fax: (525) 875582

When I called them, I used another number provided by Dave which was
525 873 002. In the U.S. you need to dial 011 44 then 525 873 002.

The International Magazine
About Volkswagen and Audi Cars

subscription info:

1 year subscription by surface:		36.6 (British Pounds) ~ $65 U.S
1 year by air mail			50.6 Pounds
1 year membership of Club Audi by surface mail		46.6 pounds
1 year membership of Club Audi by air mail		61.0 pounds

I picked up a copy of the mag during my stop over in London on my way back 
from Germany. The latest issue has many articles on the Ur Quattro. I will 
provide more info soon from my trip in Germany where I visited the 
Porsche, Audi and BMW factories. I also made it to the Hockenheim race 
track and took a drive on the Nurburgring race track. WOW! Dan wasn't 
kidding about running around the RING!!
Scott M.

rwcohn@chinet.chinet.COM (Robert W. Cohn) Wrote:
| > 
| > > For those of you in the San Francisco Bay Area, the 
| magazine
| > > "Volkswagen Audi CAR" from Britain, mentioned on this list
| > > several times, is now available at the Printer's Inc.,
| > > bookstores.  I bought my copy (October 1994) from the 
| Mountain View
| > > store and it costs $4.95.  It is an excellent magazine and
| > > is worth collecting for the VW/Audi enthusiast.
| > 
| Anybody see this mag in the midwest?  Chicago area perhaps???
| Robert 
| rwcohn@chinet.com