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re: Re: Factory service bulletins


The phone number for ordering the bulletin index from AUDI is 
1-800-544-8021. You can also sign up for a FREE subscription to any NEW 
bulletins that come out on Audi vehicles.

The index also lists repair manuals, wiring diagrams and service 
bulletins available on micro-fiche. Micro-fiche is the most cost 
effective way of getting the manuals and service bulletins. The service 
bulletin paper copies are $2.00 each and there are hundreds of them. 
The micro-fiche bulletins for all Audi vehicles 1985-89 is $25 and the 
1990-92 are $15. Used micro-fiche readers are available at surplus 
stores for $20-30.
Scott M.

Dan Simoes <dans@ans.net> Wrote:
| > How does one get hold of these ? Are there bulletins for
| > the various systems, or is it one comprehensive volume ?
| there is a number you can call to get a list of the 
| bulletins,
| and then you can order them one by one.  The dealer has 
| them
| all (or should) and may let you look at them.
| I think I have the ones for the Audi 90 at home (the list 
| that is).
| I never got around to ordering any of them.
|| Dan |
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