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Re: Re: Factory service bulletins

>The micro-fiche bulletins for all Audi vehicles 1985-89 is $25 and the
>1990-92 are $15. Used micro-fiche readers are available at surplus
>stores for $20-30.

I do have the microfiche for the parts for my 4000SQ and for my other
VWs, I got them at the Audi dealer for $5.00 a piece, but it sure looks
different than the microfiche we get from the library. The fiche is a
lot bigger, about 8.5x11, and the figures seem to be reduced to a smaller
size. Has anyone tryed using a regular reader for VAG fiches?

Thanks, Peter
Peter Orban
National Research Council of Canada
Internet: orban@nrcamt.nrc.ca