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Various 4000csq questions

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     Hi All,
     First off, let me apologize if this note went out twice, I tried to 
     send it yesterday but I don't think it went so I'll try again!
     I'm the new owner of a 87 4000csq and have a few questions:
     1) What type of gas mileage can I expect, I know it depends on how you 
     drive I'm just looking for a range.  I seem to get 21mpg city and 
     around 23-24 mpg highway.  I am not a lead foot but these number 
     seemed a little low.
     2) Is there any benefit to using 92 octane fuel?  Currently I'm using 
     89 octane.
     3) How do I remove the steering wheel?  I've been able to remove the 
     cover which on my VW allowed access to the steering wheel nut, on this 
     car there is a hard plastic section which I assume the nut is behind.  
     Any ideas on how to remove this cover?  I looked in the Bentley manual 
     but it does not show this Audi steering wheel.
     4) Any suggestions on how to improve the lighting?  The current 
     headlights are very weak.  Is it possible to mount fog or driving 
     lights?  Is there a rear fog built into the taillight assembly that 
     can be hooked up?
     5) Any easy ways to get a little more power? Advanced timing, K&N 
     filters...  I've heard that someone makes a larger throttle body for 
     the car, anyone have experience with this upgrade?
     Lastly, an FYI for anyone living in the San Jose, CA area.  After I 
     bought the car I had a few minor things that needed to be done to it.  
     I took it to M&M Audi house on Winchester Blvd. in Campbell.  The 
     people were VERY nice and took very good care of me, needless to say 
     that's were I plan to get the car worked on in the future.  The phone 
     number is (408) 378-7001.
     Thanks in advance for the responses!
     -Hans Roos