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Oxygenated fuels?

Well, its winter here in Colorado, and we have switched over to the
government-mandated oxygenated fuels.  To comply, most stations carry a
fuel that is blended with 10% ethanol.  A few instead use a blend of 
15% MTBE.   Each year the MTBE fuel is getting harder and harder to find,
and this year I think its only available in Denver at the few remaining
AMOCO dealers and at the Sinclair/Bradley family of stations.  
The owners manual of my V8Q states explicitly that fuels blended with
any alcohols (regardless of whether they're methanol or ethanol) are
to be avoided.  So I go out of my way to gas up at a Sinclair outlet.
Can anyone authoritatively state what damage the ethanol blends might
cause?  Is the MTBE blend truly superior in the Audis (or at least
in the aluminum V8?)
dave bauer   91 V8 5-speed      dlb@longs.att.com