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Re: strange electrical problem, revisite


Can't remember, but have you looked into the ignition (electrical
component) switch?   The best way to analyze the thing is to turn the key
s-l-o-w-l-y (as in *slowly*) and watch the dash warning lights.  If there
is a problem, the dash lights should blink off at some point and possibly
more than once.  It's easy to overlook in the normal course of starting the
car.  Heavy clusters of keys hanging on the ignition key and heat can
change the switch from on to off without any input from you.

If the ignition switch has no dead spots, the next thing I'd do is give the
fuse box a prod and a squeeze to see if the engine dies (should it happen
to be running) or to see if the dash lights go on (should it be dead in
some intersection).  If there is a change in the condition of things with
the prod the fuse box (they have a history of doing this in the early cars)
or the multi pin connectors on the back of the fuse box are probably at
fault.  Bad connectors can be visibly identified, but probably not a bad box.

good luck...ned bennett