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Re: User-programmable engine computers


I'm very casually familiar with a similar product my neighbor had on a 5.0
mustang.  It was about the size of a Snap-on computer scan tool and had
three stages (kind of mild, spicy & hot) along with some basic info such as
oxs voltage, timing, red line, rpm, etc.  It was pretty neat.

My understanding is that the more flexible systems that allow operator
input to the actual maps are ok for the drags, but not that good for
driveability (and how would emissions be verified?).

I personally think the idea holds great promise if it were approached with
the idea of custom assembling known maps & allowing the driver to monitor
some basic electrical engine info like the 5.0 setup.

I think BMW is taking a similar approach to the "repair" of certain
computer related problems in their newer cars.  If I understand the bimmer
techs around the corner correctly, they can now plug in to a harness and
perform updates to the car computer using info resident in the shop.  Which
beats the H*** out of the VW/A story line which always goes "vee vill sell
you a NEW computer for $$$$$$$$$$ und you VILL be HAPPY about it!!" vont
you?  Vere are you goink???  Hey vait???  Don't ypu like me???? [end of flame]

        ned bennett