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Re: User-programmable engine computers

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> Frank...


> My understanding is that the more flexible systems that allow operator
> input to the actual maps are ok for the drags, but not that good for
> driveability (and how would emissions be verified?).
> I personally think the idea holds great promise if it were approached with
> the idea of custom assembling known maps & allowing the driver to monitor
> some basic electrical engine info like the 5.0 setup.
> I think BMW is taking a similar approach to the "repair" of certain
> computer related problems in their newer cars.  If I understand the bimmer
> techs around the corner correctly, they can now plug in to a harness and
> perform updates to the car computer using info resident in the shop.  Which
> beats the H*** out of the VW/A story line which always goes "vee vill sell
> you a NEW computer for $$$$$$$$$$ und you VILL be HAPPY about it!!" vont
> you?  Vere are you goink???  Hey vait???  Don't ypu like me???? [end of 
> flame]
Vot he said...


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