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Re: 5000 brake booster (servo) & cat

> Only my cat shares my opinions, and she thinks brakes are for wusses.


Having just reviewed and tossed about 2,000 messages from you guys (or as
my wife was saying..I could have a NEW car if we didn't have this frig*ing
P* bill).....anyway,...... regardless of how technical or titilating the
conversation....the *REAL* reason I and probably others persist at this
task is because of your *cat's* opinion!!!

As I sat down tonight I thought...something's missing....boosters are
dripping, differentials are locking & unlocking, valves are bending, Glen
is coming on like George Forman in the 10th round.....but I don't feel
fulfilled, where's Andrew's cat????

And there she was!!!    Thank goodness...I thought she'd gone South for the
winter to chase lizards & write a novel.

ned bennett