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Re: GoGo Juice

>My car was in need of refueling this evening, and while I was pumping gas
>in, I noticed a sticker attached to the gas cap door.  It said Unleaded
>Fuel (of course) but what surprised me was that it said 91 Octane minimum.
>I was at the time pumping in 87.  OK, how bad is it for the engine to be
>running 87?  What benefit will 91 give me, besides what Audi tells me?

>John Eickerman -- jke@halcyon.com

There is always the confusion between RON ratings and the
Rn+Rm/? type of rating, which I believe is known as the
CLC ( cost of ? ) index. I forget which is which, but a rating
of 91 on one is only a rating of 87 or 88 on the other.

If you have not noticed any problems, don't worry. I started
out using 91 octane in my 5000TQ, but have moved to 89 with
no problems at all. 

Read the Owners Manual and chech which rating method they
use when they call for 91. Then LOOK AT THE GAS PUMP HANDLE.

Or use whatever you feel comfortable with...

Alan Cordeiro