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Re: 5000 brake booster (servo)

>Hey, here's a stupid idea.  In fact, this isn't really me typing this.  But
is it
>possible/practical/desirable to replace the hydraulic brake booster with
>a pneumatic (vacuum) one?  I'd guess that the pneumatic parts and set-up to
use would 
>be from a late model C2 car (i.e., an 81-82 5000).  Do the parts fit? What about
>the left over hydraulic plumbing? Anyone ever try this?  Anyone have
 (or have access to) both a C2 and a C3 to see if this idea makes any >sense?
>Somebody else pretending to be -
>Jason Douglas

The idle brain comes up with many strange ideas, But they are worth

Watch out for vacuum ( lack of it ) problems in the turbo versions,
since the manifold can be positively pressurized a lot during
spirited driving. Perhaps a large accumulator ?

Frank  Deutschmann mantioned ( June or so ) that he was considering eliinating the hydraulic pump, hoping to save 60 or so HP.
Before I rebuilt mine, I considered getting
an ELECTRICAL 12 VOLT PUMP, with a cutoff switch and a pressure
accumulator. It would take the constant one or two horsepower
load off the engine and put it onto the battery. This pump would
only run when the pressure in the accumulator fell below
2000 PSI. I can get manufacturers names if anyone wants.

If you replaced the brake booster, how would you replace the
steering system need for high pressure mineral oil.



The lamp warning in my '86 is triggered by an UNBALANCED
CURRENT in the lamp circuits. If BOTH BULBS are fused,
or disconnected,  you will get no warning indicator from the
autocheck system.

I have put in a headlamp relay and have had no problems
with the autocheck complaining, both sockets are " OPEN "
as it were. THIS MAY NOT APPLY TO NEW ( after '86 ) SYSTEMS.

Alan Cordeiro