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!$#@&% Gears!

Greetings to all!

My name is Steve Buchholz, and most of you know me from the mispost 
of my requests for info from the server ... sorry about that!  I'm
an engineer (electrical), living in the San Francisco Bay Area.  I
own 3 Audis, two being quattros.  

Since I'm new, I missed the thread on the odometer gear and I don't feel
satisfied so I'm going to add my two-cents ... sorry if it is a rehash.

I've heard the "it's because you reset the trip odometer while moving" 
line and I don't believe it.  VDO used a compression fit for the stupid 
plastic odometer drive gear on a polished shaft.  The stress on the gear 
is enough that over time and given the temperatures present under the 
dash that the gear fractures.  When my first odometer stopped working 
I attempted the super-glue fix ... it worked for a little while.  I took 
the unit to a VDO repair facility and the odo has worked fine ever since.  
When the coupe's odo went out I just took it in to get fixed.  I paid 
less than $60.  The odo hasn't gone out on the wagon yet.

Steve Buchholz

'78 Audi Fox GTI
'83 Turbo Quattro Coupe (ur-quattro)
'88 5000CS Quattro Wagon
Vorsprung durch Technik!