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Diff Locks on '89 200TQ

In '89 with the 200Q's the diff locking mechanism was changed to a push-on 
push-off switch.  I don't know if the locking actuator(s?) were changed to 
be electrical, but I do know that the system is computer controlled and 
will not allow the diff to lock above a certain speed (I'll bet its 15mph).  
Maybe Superchips can .....

Doesn't the '89 have a Torsen center diff and the locking rear?  How does
a Torsen handle in the braking case as compared with a locked CD?

Steve Buchholz

'78 Audi Fox GTI
'83 Turbo Quattro Coupe (ur-quattro)
'88 5000CS Quattro Wagon
Vorsprung durch Technik!