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Ur-quattro exhaust systems

I developed an exhaust leak in the front muffler (not the cat) on my '83 
QTCoupe.  When the rear muffler did the same thing a few years ago I managed 
to get an OEM replacement part from Ansa.  Apparently they no longer carry 
these parts.  I *really* don't want to pay the dealer's price for a replace-
ment, but I must pass the CA smog test.  I called someone at Borla who said 
that if I sent mine to him he could duplicate it.  I also talked to one of 
the Anderson brothers (Quattro Club USA), who said that they were talking 
about sending one to Borla for the same reason.  To my knowledge nothing 
ever came of it.  

What I'm looking for is any experiences with Borla or any other aftermarket 
exhaust systems.  Is a stainless system available?  Would there be any prob-
lems with passing the CA smog test with an aftermarket exhaust?  

Thanks in advance!
Steve Buchholz

'78 Audi Fox GTI
'83 Turbo Quattro Coupe (ur-quattro)
'88 5000CS Quattro Wagon
Vorsprung durch Technik!