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RE: Timing Belt on 80Q

I'm pretty sure all 5-cyls need to have the pulley removed to replace the 
belt.  I wonder if the small clearance is there to minimize the chance of 
the belt jumping a tooth?  Probably just to sell special tools!

I found that one of the tool companies makes an exact replacement of the 
VW tool that locks the pulley in place along with the torque "multiplier" 
that loosens the bolt.  I think it was Assenmacher.  The other thing the 
service manual calls for is some obscure Loctite number.  I was unable to 
find the exact number, but found a cross reference which is used on Porsches 
to lock the bolt that holds the pulley on.  

Steve Buchholz

'78 Audi Fox GTI
'83 Turbo Quattro Coupe (ur-quattro)
'88 5000CS Quattro Wagon
Vorsprung durch Technik!