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Diff Locks on '89 200TQ -Reply

You would not want to lock the diff above 15mph.  It happened to me
last winter.  My 5 year old asked me what that button was under the
phone (I had only used it once back in '89 to pull my snowmobile trailer
out of a snowbank.)  We were in a parking lot with about two inches of
snow, so I figured what the heck.

It locked the diff and disengaged the ABS and we were on our way. 
Only problem was, the diff would not DIS-engage!  Seems that from
lack of use, the servo would not release.  Not a pleasant experience at
40+mph and especially around tight corners.  The dealer fixed it in >15
minutes (an all time record) and offered me the chance to purchase a
new servo ($135 plus install, if I recall).  I opted not to and never had a
problem since.

GKW - 89 200 TQ  (Considering upgrading to 95 A6Q??)

>>> Steven Buchholz <steveb@newkla.kla.com> 11/14/94 03:04pm
In '89 with the 200Q's the diff locking mechanism was changed to a
push-on  push-off switch.  I don't know if the locking actuator(s?) were
changed to  be electrical, but I do know that the system is computer
controlled and  will not allow the diff to lock above a certain speed (I'll
bet its 15mph).   Maybe Superchips can .....

Doesn't the '89 have a Torsen center diff and the locking rear?  How
does a Torsen handle in the braking case as compared with a locked

Steve Buchholz s_buchho@kla.com

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