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Re: '90 coupe quattro for sale, NY

>		Car belonged to an ex-executive of the Nathan's Hot Dog chain
>		and was used in the Long Island area.  It was a lease car and
>		had all the 7,500 mile services performed up to 50,000 miles.
>		Not sure what happened after that.
A note for those not aware of what Long Island driving is like:

It is hell on a car. The ultimate stop n go.  In recent years the communities
have become obsessed with putting stop signs every 50 ft.   Traffic is 
phenomenal at times.  You will race along at 75 for 15 min and then come to 
a complete stop for no reason - no rubbernecking or anything.  A cut-throat
brand of jackrabbit takeoff/maneuvering that trains you to take on anything.
Not that I'm complaining, since I learned in that atmosphere and fear 
nothing, but used cars from that area of the country are all extreme service 

>Happy motoring.
>'88 5000 tq