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'90 coupe quattro for sale, NY

Test drove it this past saturday, felt pretty solid, torquey above 4000 rpm,
steady acceleration up to 90 or so, smooth brakes.  Other details:

	price:	$13,000 +/-
	milage:	93,000 +/-
	color:	arrest-me red
	body:	generally excellent except for one thing: a replaced left
		front fender.  No reason why.  No other apparent damage, 
		though the left headlight lense was not flush with the 
		side marker light.
	seats:	black leather in very good condition, seat heaters allegedly
		still work (I didn't check)
	tires: 	no-name brand, but reasonably new
	ski-bag: yes
	power steering pump: to be replaced by a rebuilt one
	timing belt: apparently not changed, though was allegedly checked
		Car belonged to an ex-executive of the Nathan's Hot Dog chain
		and was used in the Long Island area.  It was a lease car and
		had all the 7,500 mile services performed up to 50,000 miles.
		Not sure what happened after that.

	warranty: 6 month/6000 mile, 100% parts and labor
	location: Select Transportation, route 5&20, Waterloo, NY
	contact:  Joel Osserman
	number:	(315) 789-9368

I don't have too much personal experience with the proprietor, but I called him
over a year ago saying I was looking for a coupe, and was pleasantly surprised
to hear from him after all this time.  His business is composed entirely of 
reselling former VW and Audi lease cars.  He certainly was knowledgable and
enthusiastic, not the typical car salesman.

I'm tempted to buy it, but I've become awfully accustomed to the "luxuriousness"
of my 5000.  

Anyone have feedback on long trip comfort, reliability, or weaknesses of the
newer coupes?  How about comparison with a Corrado VR6 (aside from quattro)?

Someday when I'm rich and famous, I'll just buy whatever car I want and not
be troubled by such decisions, but until then.... *sigh*

Happy motoring.

'88 5000 tq