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Re: Radar detector/jammers (fwd)

A few summers ago, I had the pleasure of working in a government R&D lab
concerned with radar and signal processing.  I found an ad in an automotive
magazine that advertised a special "paint" that would make your car
virtually invisible to police radar.  Needless to say, the folks at the lab
had a good laugh when I posted copies around the office.

On the other hand, they were telling a story one day about a transport plane
that had some special paint on it that made it virtually invisible on radar.
Maybe they were pulling my leg?  

Two theoretically stealthy cars I've pondered:
	1) Lamborghini Countach with composite body panels and low reflectance

	2) '72 Chevy Nova, listing slightly to the left, mottled 
	   blue/brown/rust.  Doesn't usually register on the retina.