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Re: 4000 Quattro Question -Reply

I managed to get my '88 5000tq stuck once.  It was parked on a level 
parking lot that had a 2" layer of hard snow.  Next day it was warm and
sunny, and the 2" of hard snow turned into 1.5" of heavy wet snow.  The 
tires had melted through the 1.5" of wet snow and settled on a layer of
hard, wet ice.  The car certainly didn't look stuck, so I started out
with diffs unlocked.  Wheel spin!  No biggie, I thought, just lock the
center diff.  Wheel spin!  No biggie, I though, just lock the rear diff
and start in 2nd gear.  Wheel spin!  Couldn't believe it.  My quattro
was stuck in 1.5" of snow.  Got out of the car, kicked a little snow 
out from in front of each wheel, and I was on my way.  Found it mildly
amusing at the time.  Oh, this is on Dunlop D60/A2's, all season radials.