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Re: Re: Radar detector/jammers (fwd)

Ernest Wong wrote:

> I read some time ago ( C&D, I think ) that a lot of the reflected signal
> going back to the radar gun was from the large vertical (metal?) surfaces
> in a car. The article stated that the headlights, license plate and the
> radiator were pretty good at bouncing the signals back.
> just what i remember . . .

I think you are confusing radar with laser, which depends on a "good
surface".  Radar is far less directional.  In that same article, C&D tested
the best ways to beat laser.  The bottom line was that because laser uses
reflections of IR light, it is actually possible to defeat laser by
overpowering the gun with too much light.  In their test, the laser gun had a
harder time reading a speed when their were more lights on (headlights/high
beams/fog lights).  They even went so far as to mount hi-powered off-road
beams and cover them so only (non-visible) IR light could get through, and
the laser was basically rendered useless.

Do you remember which issue that was?  I think it was 12-18 months ago.