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Re: Radar detector/jammers (fwd)

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  Okay, I'm having a hard time trying to explain how this device works.
  I'll try again. The unit I use does not "change" the frequency. It does
  not transmit a signal to overload or overpower the receiver. It does not
  transmit a signal to "mask" the refelcted signal returned by the vehicle.
  This unit reflects the signal back to the radar unit with some noise
  mixed in to "confuse" the receiver into thinking that the velocity of the
  vehicle is increasing and decreasing very rapidly, much faster than what
  is physically possible with a vehicle with mass. This prevents the
  receiver from "locking-on" to the reflected signal and prevents any
  reading from being displayed on the radar unit. The jammer is really very
  simple. It has the antenna/reflector and some type of diode, I think,
  that generates the noise that gets mixed back in. I guess that
  "technically" the diode could be called a "transmitter", much in the same
  way as any vehicle ignition system, spark plug, car radio receiver, or
  even any piece of wire that has an electrical current passing through it
  could be called a "transmitter", perhaps even individual molecules and
  atoms could be technically called "transmitters". From the legal and FCC
  perspective, it is *NOT* a transmitter as the signal level is far to low.
  How low? Dunno..... That is about the best I can do in trying to describe
  how this device works, and work it does. I don't design, build or sell
  these units and I don't own stock or interest in any company that does or
  any supplier. My observations are based solely on real-world performance
  of the unit of the course of several years and my experience with the
  unit is related only as a service to others that might be interested in
  such units (disclaimer).
  The theory on how this unit could work has been reviewed by a very
  sceptical engineer, an expert with radar, LORAN, radio receivers and
  transmitters, amateur radio HW and he is also the owner of the MPH
  Industries K55 radar unit used for the previsouly mentioned testing and
  participated in the actual testing of the unit. He also holds an Amateur
  Extra license as well as FCC broadcast engineering licenses. He is a
  profesional LORAN receiver/transmitter design and test engineer as well
  as a general RF front-end and receiver R&D engineer. He is *VERY*
  conservative. I regard his opinion most highly.

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