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Re: ABS brake bleeding

> I'm planning on replacing the master brake cylinder on my '87 5000S Quattro.

What is the failure mode? Leak, sinking pedal? Just curious.
> Is there a secret to bleeding the brakes with an ABS system?
No, same as with a non-ABS system. Just do the clutch line first then
Right Rear, Left Rear, Right Front, and Left Front wheels in that order.
Try not to get air into the clutch line (easy if you aren't taking the
clutch cylinders or line apart). Getting air bubbles out of the clutch
master cylinder is tricky.

> How much is a master cylinder going cost?

I paid $89.92 for an ATE brake master cylinder at Halsey Imports (800-792-0081)
recently (2 months ago). I found Halsey to be cheapest by far and they shipped
promptly. For comparison, Linda @ Carlsen quoted $120, PAP $135, my Audi
dealer $210! all for the same ATE cylinder. By the way, ATE is the OEM
supplier to Audi, MB, etc.

> Thanks in advance for the input.
> ---Jeff