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Re: 5000 brake booster (servo)

> Brake boosters!  Oh I know them *well* because I have to pick up our 
> car from the dealer this afternoon to pay the bill for the new one
> that they are installing as I type this message.  The bill after
> replacing the master cylinder, pressure accumilator, and booster is
> coming out to $1300.00!  This does not make my wife happy, let me tell
> you.  And thats paying wholesale prices for all the parts.
Wow, that's a lot of money. The brake booster is ok so far on my car
(87 5000TQ with 129K miles) but I've recently replaced the brake master
cylinder ($90 for the OEM ATE) and the pressure accumulator ($200).
Replaced them myself, so didn't pay for labor. The hydraulic pump is
next on my list (about $250 to $300).

> I opted for the OEM master cylinder
> this time as apposed to an aftermarket one.  Its just not worth it to
> me anymore to put in aftermarket parts.  This is about the 3rd time
> I've had to replace an aftermarket part. As an example the aftermarket
> master cylinder cost $130 last year.  Now I paid $175 for one from Carlsen.  

Seems like Carlsen jacked up their prices recently. Linda quoted me $120
for the ATE brake master cylinder in late August. Do you know if you got
the quattro list discount? I ended up buying the same ATE cylinder from
Halsey for $90.

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