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Re[3]: Radar detector/jammers (fwd)

>>I read some time ago ( C&D, I think ) that a lot of the reflected signal 
>>going back to the radar gun was from the large vertical (metal?) surfaces 
>>in a car. The article stated that the headlights, license plate and the
>>radiator were pretty good at bouncing the signals back. 
>>just what i remember . . .
>I think you are confusing radar with laser, which depends on a "good 
>surface".  Radar is far less directional.  In that same article, C&D tested 
>the best ways to beat laser.  The bottom line was that because laser uses 
>reflections of IR light, it is actually possible to defeat laser by 
>overpowering the gun with too much light.  In their test, the laser gun had 
>a harder time reading a speed when their were more lights on 
>(headlights/high beams/fog lights).  They even went so far as to mount 
>hi-powered off-road beams and cover them so only (non-visible) IR light 
>could get through, and the laser was basically rendered useless.
>Do you remember which issue that was?  I think it was 12-18 months ago.
     If you go farther back in C/D (before the prevalence of laser), there 
     was an issue that discussed how the vertical metallic surfaces 
     reflected a lot of the radar signal.  (That's when they mentioned the 
     Vette's inherent advantage due to the radiator angle.)  I could find 
     out which issue, but it would take hours of rooting through boxes in 
     my basement (12 years' worth) -- articles like that one aren't indexed 
     like the road tests, so I would have to check all the tables of 
     contents.  The information in that article may be somewhat dated 
     anyway, since a lot of time has passed.
     You're right, the laser issue is more recent (and pretty interesting 
     -- I want one of those IR filters!).  However, I think I've already 
     relegated that one to the basement, too.  If I happen to come across 
     it, I'll post the issue date.  Don't hold your breath, though; I'm 
     about to leave on vacation, so I won't be hanging out in the basement 
     for awhile.
     - Dave Dahl  (dad@roadnet.ups.com)
     - '87 VW Quantum Syncro
     - '93 Volvo 850 GLT