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Re: Re: Radar detector/jammers (fwd)

One of the earlier posts on this subject made reference to a C&D article
about avoiding tickets.  I missed the article and was wondering is
someone might be good enough to cite it or to summarize the
gist of it.

My own common sense techniques?  Avoid speeding more than
10 mph in very light traffic.  Be careful at underpasses, clumps of
trees in the median, etc.  Watch
for brake lights ahead (most folks touch their brakes when they
see a cop).  Use the cruise control to circumvent temptation. 
Make a point of observing the best speed trap locations one frequently
traveled routes and slow down before reaching them.  

You know, as an otherwise entirely law abiding citizen the need to 
act in this childish manner to avoid a ticket is really annoying!

Jason Douglas