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Re: engine stumble question

On Nov 17,  4:34am, Bubmeister@aol.com wrote:
> Subject: Re: engine stumble question
> I have an '86 4000 Q which has had similar problems the previous two winters
> (in Seattle), but have not had a re-occurance of it yet.  What we found the
> problem to be was the winterized gasoline, some how the stuff they put into
> oxiginate it made my car run roughly and made it stumble at times, sometimes
> almost dying when accelerating from a stop after the car was warm.  We found
> that using techroline more often helped, but did not alleviate the problem.
>  Since we have moved down to the Palo Alto area this summer I have not yet
> had the problem  (using Chevron or Shell gas), but the car is being driven
> more often and for longer periods (the possibility being that the engine is
> happier when it's not doing a lot of stop and start driving).  Then again
> since you notice it happens more often when the fan is running, maybe the
> winterized gas has nothing to do with it.  Just  a thought, good luck.  By
> the way D & M Motors on Channing in Palo Alto is a very good shop as well as
> Portola Valley garage (if you are willing to wait a week to get in these guys
> are the best!).
>-- End of excerpt from Bubmeister@aol.com

Thanks for the info. Someone else mentioned vacuum leaks, which is also a
possibility. I'll try the techroline gas for a while and see what happens.

-- rob

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